How To Handle Dental Bridge Damage

Dental bridges are often used for patients who have lost an adult tooth or needed a tooth extracted. They are an effective way to provide both a cosmetic replacement for a tooth while also providing various health benefits by preventing teeth from shifting towards the now open space. However, compared to dental implants, bridges are more likely to need repairs or even replacement over time. If your dental bridge breaks, you should immediately make a dental appointment with a dentist that provides restorative services.

What Causes A Dental Bridge To Break?

Every dental bridge relies on one or more teeth to support it. These teeth act as anchors for the bridge. Even a slight shift in these teeth can cause a bridge to break or fail. 

Failing to practice good oral care including going to the dentist regularly, brushing your teeth and flossing can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Decay can erode at the connections between the bridge and the anchor teeth as well as the crowns placed on the anchor teeth. 

Bruxism (teeth grinding), chewing gum, and eating hard foods can all add pressure to your dental bridge. Over time this pressure can weaken the bonds of the bridge causing it to break. 

How Long Do Dental Bridges Last?

You could have perfect oral health practices and still have issues with your dental bridge. Like many restorative dental procedures, a dental bridge is a temporary solution and is not designed to last forever. Bridges tend to last around 5-10 years depending on a variety of factors including the ones mentioned above. If you notice issues with your dental bridge like chips/cracks in the replacement tooth or crowns, or if you notice sensitivity around the bridge and surrounding teeth, you should make a dental appointment

Dental Bridge Repair/Replacement

Depending on the extent of the damage to your dental bridge, the repairs ma7 differ. For instance, if the procelain coating of your bridge is chipped/fractured, you may simply need the coating repaired. However if there is a an issue with the structure of the bridge, you may need it fully replaced. In some cases a dentist may recommend implants instead of dental bridges if there are issues with the abutment teeth (the teeth the bridge would be attached to). Although more expensive, dental implants last longer than dental bridges since they are embedded surgically into the jawbone. 

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