Teeth Whitening

We perform teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry services at our dental office for residents of Lisbon, Maine, and the surrounding areas.

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Teeth Whitening for Stained Teeth

Do you have stained teeth? Our team of dental professionals can get your teeth back to a sparkling white.

Achieving whiter teeth is one of the top priorities of many of our patients. Whether you are looking to whiten your teeth before a special occasion like a wedding or family gathering, or you simply want to put a little more confidence behind your smile, teeth whitening can help.

Your best defense against stained teeth is regular brushing and flossing. But, if your teeth have become stained over time despite frequent cleanings at home, teeth whitening can help give your teeth a whiter appearance.

Professional Teeth Whitening In Lisbon


While many consumers may want to try the DIY approach by purchasing teeth whitening products at the store, the solutions we have at our dental office are stronger, more effective, and are approved by both our team of dental professionals and the American Dental Association. At Two Rivers Family Dentistry, the most common procedure we perform to bleach out stains and whiten teeth involves the use of a custom mix of whitening products. These products are then placed in custom-made trays that fit snugly over your teeth. 

While dental whitening can treat a lot of issues, it can’t solve every staining problem. For instance, teeth whitening works quite well on teeth that have turned yellow but it doesn’t work as well on teeth that have turned brown or gray. It also can’t be used to treat discoloration on veneers, dental crowns, fillings, and/or caps. Finally, if the tooth discoloration is the result of an injury or reaction to a certain medication, you may not benefit from the whitening process.

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Our Tailored Teeth Whitening Process

Custom Bleaching Trays

At Two Rivers Family Dentistry, our office provides custom-fit bleaching trays. When a patient comes for their first visit we will take impressions of their teeth in order to craft fitted bleaching trays. Because they are fitted, we can ensure the full surface of your teeth receives the bleaching treatment.

Bleaching Gels

Bleaching gels are then combined with the custom tray to help patients get stronger results quicker. This process is safe, effective, and provides long-lasting results.

Professional Strength CrestWhitening Strips

We also provide professional-strength whitening stripes that clients can purchase at any time from our office. A member of our team would be happy to answer any of your questions and go over the instructions for these strips in detail with you.

Why Do Teeth Get Stained?

There are a variety of foods that cause teeth to stain. Consuming too much tomato-based sauces, curries, berries, soy sauce and foods with high acidic content can cause staining.

Everyone has heard the warning that coffee, soda, and wine stain teeth. But those aren’t the only beverages. Fruit juices and tea can also cause staining over time.

Tobacco use in all of its forms can stain your teeth. Cigarettes, cigars, and loose tobacco all contain tar that can bind to the pores in your teeth. 

A variety of medications can cause discoloration on the surface of teeth. This includes some antihistamines (allergy medications) as well as some antihypertensive medications.

When you imagine a tooth you likely imagine a white tooth crown. However the entire tooth isn’t white, dentin (which is just below the enamel) is yellowish in color. Damage to enamel caused by trauma or tooth decay can cause discoloration.

Unfortunately, even if you avoid the foods/drinks that stain teeth, brush and floss daily, and never smoke your teeth can still get stained. Over time enamel loss is natural an greying or yellowing of teeth is as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening costs can vary depending on how many visits you need and what the process you choose. The best way to get an accurate price is to contact our office. Right now we are offering a new patient special that includes a free teeth whitening kit.

No matter how you whiten your teeth, the effect is not permanent. Professional teeth whitening can last 2-3 years, while some methods only last 6 months. Of course, oral health has the largest impact on teeth whitening. If you continue to do things that cause stains, you will likely need to whiten more often.

There are many benefits to having your teeth whitened professionally. First and foremost, results of professional whitening are greater than using at home methods. Results are also achieved quicker and last longer when you have your teeth whitened by a professional.

The safety of teeth whitening procedures depends on the specific product you are using. According to the American Dental Association hydrogen peroxide whiteners are safe to use. But the best bet is to either have your teeth whitened by a dentist or to ask your dentist for recommendations on which products work and are safe to use. 

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"I've had two appointments at Two Rivers recently. One for my periodic cleaning and the second for a filling. What struck me about this office wasn't just that they took all the proper precautions amid COVID, but that this crew was plowing ahead treating their patents as safely and responsibly as possible without the slightest outward hint of fear or worry. Everyone from the front desk was working happily and efficiently to get me through my appointment on schedule. My Hygienist, Kim was simply amazing as were Dr. Fig and his assistant, Sarah. They were about patient care and making sure my dental needs were taken care of in the most professional way possible. I recommend Two Rivers to anyone needing dental care at any time, but especially during this public health crisis, we find ourselves in now."
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