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Family Dentist Near Pownal ME

Here at Two Rivers Family Dentistry, we work with patients all over southern Maine on a variety of dental projects. From your standard general and preventative dentistry, to helping patients deal with emergencies & restorative treatments, to cosmetic dental services, we are happy to work with with patients of all ages. If you live in Pownal Maine or one of the nearby towns and are looking for a great family dentist that will help you and your family not only receive great dental treatments but also feel welcome and comfortable, please give us a call. We would be happy to help you get the dental services that you need. 

Emergency Dental Near Pownal

A dental emergency can happen in many different ways. For example, a kid playing a sport might lose a tooth due to a hard hit. Or an adult with a filling might feel the filling break or get loose. Or you might just notice some oral pain that isn’t going away. If you have an emergency that is affecting your teeth/gums, you should see a dentist right away. Not every office is equipped to handle walk-ins and emergencies. Here at Two Rivers Family Dentistry, we work hard to handle emergencies for local patients. Here are a few more examples of dental emergencies:

Chipped, Cracked, Or Broken Teeth

Sports injuries commonly cause chips, cracks or broken teeth. Another common cause is dental decay below the surface of the tooth in the roots and pulp. If your tooth gets damaged don't wait to see a dentist.

Lost/Loose Dental Fillings

If you ever feel like a filling in a tooth feels off or it fully comes out you need to see a dentist quickly. A loose filling is often caused by decay and without the filling your tooth could easily break under pressure.


Pain in a tooth shouldn't be ignored. It takes a lot for a tooth to start hurting and tooth pain is usually a sign of an underlying issue. If your pain is consistent, severe, or recurring, call a dentist.

Swollen Jaw

There are a few different causes of a swollen jaw. But often when there are problems below the gums in the roots of our teeth it can cause a swollen jaw. If your jaw is swollen and there isn't an obvious injury or cause consider mentioning this to your dentist.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Like a damaged tooth, a knocked out tooth needs immediate attention. In some cases, if the tooth is recovered and in good condition, it is possible to re-implant a tooth.

May Need A Root Canal

Root canals are needed when tooth pulp gets infected in the tooth roots. Common symptoms are dark gums, severe toothaches, and extreme sensitivity to temperature that lingers.

Bleeding/Sore Gums

Gum disease's most common symptom is puffy/sore/bleeding gums. If your gums frequently bleed when you brush/floss them or are swollen, you should discuss it with a dentist.

Other Types of Dental Repair

Waiting for your next dental appointment is never the right call if anything feels off, painful, or loose. You should always talk to a dentist if you notice problems with your teeth and gums.

Cosmetic Dental Services Near Pownal Maine


While our main goal as dentists is to promote healthy smiles, we also are here to help patients get their perfect smiles too! We fix all sorts of problems with cosmetic dental procedures including gaps, crowding, stained teeth, misshapen teeth, and more. If you are interested in anything from simple tooth whitening to a full smile makeover, please give us a call. We would be happy to discuss cosmetic dental services with you.