How Can I Help My Kid Get Over My Fear Of The Dentist?

How Can I Help My Kid Get Over My Fear Of The Dentist?

Being afraid of the dentist is a very common fear. Many kids are afraid of the dentist because it is a foreign experience. In fact, many adults also report that they are nervous about going to the dentist, and adults who recall a negative experience at the dentist as children have also reported that they still struggle with going to the dentist as adults. That is why it is important for dentists and parents to work together to make sure that kids have positive experiences at the dentist. In this article we will discuss ways to calm kids down regarding the dentist. If you need a family dentist in the Lisbon area, give us a call. 

Teach Your Kids About Their Dental Visit

One of the most important ways to make sure your kids feel more confident when going to the dentist is by teaching them. First and foremost, you should lead by example at home not only with brushing and flossing but with going to the dentist yourself. If you don’t like going to the dentist or talk about wanting to skip the dentist, your children will pick up on that message. Beyond that, you should consider teaching your kids what to expect. A lot of the fear of the dentist comes from not knowing what is going to happen when they go to the dentist. Explaining the cleaning process and introducing your kids to the dentist team can help make your kids feel a little bit more comfortable and confident during their procedures. 

Choose The Right Dentist

The right dentist for your family isn’t just one that provides great procedures and takes your insurance, you also need a team that is friendly. A team that understands how important it is for kids to feel comfortable during their dental visits will often provide fun things to do in the waiting room, positive reinforcement during the visit, and will work with your child’s specific needs. For example some kids want their parents to stay with them for a little bit of familiarity. 

Avoid Negative Reinforcement

One reason people have negative feelings towards the dentist is the reputation the dentist has culturally. You will find no lack of movies and shows that villainize going to the dentist. On top of that, many parents will sometimes use the dentist as a reminder of how important brushing and flossing are. Because of this, kids grow to fear hearing that they have cavities and eventually fear going to the dentist at all. Avoid teaching your kids to be worried about what will happen at the dental office. 

Family Dentist in Southern Maine

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