Are Dental X-Rays Safe For Kids?

Dental x-rays are recommended for kids and adults at least once per year (or every other dental visit). They provide invaluable information to dentists that can help ensure that your child’s teeth are taken care of. However, you might be concerned about any health risks. While it is true that medical X-rays use radiation, the levels of radiation used by both doctors and dentists are safe. In fact, dental X-rays use less radiation than a typical medical X-ray. In this article, we will cover the uses for X-rays as well as the health information about dental x-rays. If you have questions or would like to set up a dental appointment at our office please contact us. 

What Are Dental X-Rays For?

Dental X-rays are vital to tracking your oral health. While a regular dental exam can help identify some of the visual symptoms of tooth decay or gum disease, an X-ray allows dentists to see what they normally cannot see. One of the key benefits of an X-ray is that we can see hidden cavities developing in teeth. Cavities and tooth decay should be taken seriously. The longer they go unnoticed, the more damage they do to your teeth. An X-ray uses electromagnetic radiation that can pass through human tissue. The image that doctors and dentists look at can show how that radiation was absorbed which can help show signs of fractures, broken bones, or cavities. 

Film vs Digital X-Rays

In most dental offices in America, digital X-rays have replaced the old-fashioned film ones. One of the key benefits of digital X-rays is that they use 80% less radiation than film X-rays. In fact, the radiation used in a digital X-ray is actually less radiation than the average human experiences in their normal daily life. Many objects and substances give off a degree of radiation, (even bananas have small radioactivity to them), so it is important understand that digital X-rays use less radiation than what you would experience over the course of a normal day. Even film X-rays still use a level of radiation that is safe for you and your kids. 

Should You Get Dental X-Rays If You Are Pregnant?

Dental X-rays are not considered dangerous for pregnant women. We understand that expecting mothers want to avoid any potential risks for their child’s health. However, modern dental X-rays do not use any more radiation than what a person will experience during normal day-to-day life. That being said, kids, adults, and women who are pregnant will all receive lead-lined bibs that deflect radiation to further decrease the radiation you are exposed to. 

Learn More About X-Rays And Dental Health

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