How Should I Take Care Of My Baby’s Teeth?

As a new parent you want to do everything you can to make sure your child is healthy. And of course, that includes oral health. It’s recommended that you bring your child in for their first dental appointment when they are between 6-12 months or when their first few teeth erupt. At Two Rivers Family Dentistry in Lisbon, we would be happy to make a dental appointment for your family. In the meantime, this article will cover a variety of important topics regarding baby oral health. If you are interested in setting up an appointment, please use the button below:

A Guide to Teething & Baby Teeth

Around 6 months, your baby will begin to cut their teeth. This will begin the teething process. During the process your child might be very uncomfortable and in pain. Here are a few things to be aware of: 

  • Signs Of Teething: Even before your child shows their first teeth they might display signs of teething. Mood swings and irritability are often a sign that teeth are moving up through the gums. If your child starts putting things in their mouth more often or is drooling more, this is also a sign that their teeth are coming in. 
  • Helping Soothe Your Baby: For a baby, teething might be one of the most painful things they have ever expereinced. The best way to soothe your baby is to help deal with the symptoms they are experiencing. Teething rings and toys are designed to help your child have something to bite on to provide counterpressure to their new teeth. Additionally, some teething rings are designed to be put in the freezer. By combining cold air with pressure they can alleviate some of their pain. 
  • Provide Fresh Clothes: During the teething process your child might start to drool more often. No one likes wet clothing. Damp clothing can lead to skin irritation. Make sure to change your child’s clothes more often if they get damp or provide a water-resistant bib to prevent clothing from getting damp. 
  • Molars: Babies will have a total of 8 molars after the teething process. These teeth show up later and can be especially painful. Unlike incisors or canines, these teeth are dull and wide which causes extra pain. You may notice that your child gets more irritable while these teeth are coming in. 

When Should I Schedule A Dental Appointment For My Baby?

As soon as your child has teeth or between the age of 6-12 months you should schedule a dental appointment. A family dentist will provide a quick dental exam for your child. During this exam they will look for any signs of issues with their first few teeth. They might also recommend cleaning the teeth with fluoride to help strengthen the teeth against dental decay. 

How Do I Brush My Child's Teeth?

Even before your child’s teeth come in you should clean your child’s mouth. After feeding times you should use a damp and clean washcloth to clean out your child’s mouth. Once multiple teeth have come in you can use a baby toothbrush and a small smear of toothpaste to clean their teeth. When they are 2-3 years old you can switch to a pea-sized amount of toothpaste when cleaning their teeth. 

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If you have specific questions about your child’s teeth, or need to set up a dental appointment for your baby, please contact our office in Lisbon, Maine by giving us a call or using the button below. We would be happy to assist with dental services.

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