Is Cosmetic Dentistry Covered By Insurance?

One of the most common questions asked/Googled when it comes to cosmetic dental services is what if any procedures are covered by insurance. Like any insurance question, the simplest and most straightforward answer is; it depends on your insurance. What surprises many dental patients is finding out that many cosmetic procedures are actually covered (albeit with some restrictions) by dental insurance programs. This is because many dental procedures serve a dual-purpose of improving your smile while also improving your oral health. 

Regardless of your insurance situation, the team here at Two Rivers Family Dentistry wants to make it easy for you to invest in your dental health and smile. Our team of financial experts can help you finance your procedures

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Restorative or Cosmetic Dental Services

If you are wondering if your dental insurance covers a specific dental procedure, you should probably check with your insurance provider. That being said, here is some general guidance on what is usually covered vs what isn’t. Any procedure that is purely cosmetic like teeth whitening is rarely covered. Teeth whitening doesn’t serve any health purposes and only exists to improve the way a smile looks. Conversely, Invisalign braces, dental implants, bridges, and dental crowns can have health impacts. Replacing missing teeth or straightening teeth can help improve alignment which can prevent issues with jaw pain. 

Simply put, insurance companies will want to make sure that procedures have a medical necessity behind them. Dental injuries, issues related to tooth decay, and issues that affect a patient’s bite may meet the requirement for a medical necessity. In these cases, restorative procedures can have a cosmetic benefit while still being covered by insurance. That said, it is always important to understand what is covered by your particular insurance program and how much is covered. If you do not have dental insurance or your dental insurance is not going to cover the procedure that you would like, that shouldn’t stop you from getting work done. 

Financing For Cosmetic Dentistry in Maine

Unfortunately, dental insurance differs greatly from plan to plan. Many procedures are not covered, especially if they do not have obvious health benefits. But that should not stop you from getting procedures that can help boost your quality of life. Millions of Americans are embarrassed of their smile because of discoloration, crooked teeth, missing teeth, etc. If you are worried about costs linked to dental procedures, consider working with a dentist that provides financing options.

At Two Rivers Dentistry in Lisbon, our team provides a variety of great dental services that can help improve your smile. Whether you need cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry we can help. But more importantly, we want to make getting your perfect smile easy and convenient. Whether your insurance covers all of it, part of it, or none of it, our financial team can help you find the perfect payment method for your procedure. 

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