Cavities & Tooth Decay

Cavities can result from many different factors. At Two Rivers Family Dentistry, we can help fight against cavities – once you have them and before you ever get them.

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A Stronger Healthier Smile

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Tooth Decay can Lead to More Serious Health Concerns

Cavities and tooth decay can be painful and have a serious effect on your overall health. Don’t wait around until you feel the pain – schedule your regular six-month checkups with us, practice good dental hygiene, and try to avoid excessive amounts of sugar. 

Let’s tackle good dental hygiene together. Call us today to schedule a visit and talk with our friendly staff about preventing cavities and fixing ones you might already have.

Think You Might Have A Cavity?

Don’t be scared! Cavities happen to all of us. They’re actually pretty common. Our judgment-free team can get your teeth back to the healthy, strong smile you deserve.

Six-Month Checkups

A crucial practice for a healthy smile. Call us today to schedule your regular six-month checkups.


We can help remove the cavities and tooth decay and add a filling to get your smile back on track.

Dental Caps

An important step in the process of making your teeth and bite strong and healthy again.

Dental Fillings In Lisbon, Maine

Ready to start fighting cavities before they ever arrive? Have a cavity you’re ready to fix? Call us today and talk with our professional staff about the next steps and options. We love answering questions, so don’t hold back! At Two Rivers Dentistry, one of our experienced dentists is here for you. 

What Causes Cavities & Tooth Decay?

Plaque Formation

Plaque forms after sugars or starches sit on your teeth for a long period of time. Plaque occurs because of bacteria growth on food that is stuck to our teeth. Plaque can form above or below the gum line. 

Tooth Position

While brushing and flossing can be effective ways to fight plaque, some teeth are harder to clean than others. If you have crowded teeth it might be difficult to clean them adequately or prevent cavities from forming. 


What we eat & drink has a large impact on our oral health. Sugary food and acidic beverages can greatly impact our enamel’s ability to fight tooth decay and prevent bacteria from spreading in our mouths.


As we age it is common to lose your enamel. This is why dentists provide procedures like fluoride treatments and dental sealants to provide extra protection against decay. 

Smoking & Tobacco

Smoking and other tobacco products can harm our oral health very quickly. Aside from staining teeth they can lead to oral cancer and can weaken your teeth from fighting bacteria.

Bad Oral Care

If you do not brush frequently or visit the dentist, it is possible for plaque to become tartar which is much more difficult to remove on your own. This is why you should visit the dentist regularly.

What Types Of Cavities Are There?

Root Cavities

As the name suggests, root cavities appear beneath the gum line and cannot be seen without dental x-rays.

Pit & Fissure Cavities

A “pit cavity” appears in biting surfaces of your molars. They are very common because food can get stuck there. 

Smooth Surface Cavities

Smooth cavities appear on the outside of our teeth, often in the spaces between our teeth when we don’t floss. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Cavities

In some cases, early signs of tooth decay can be reversed. If dental decay is caught early, taking good care of your teeth can prevent a cavity from forming. This is why it is important to see a dentist twice per year, to make sure you catch dental problems as early as possible.

Unfortunately symptoms of cavities do not often appear until a cavity has already formed. You usually want to catch tooth decay as early as possible to decrease the damage done to your teeth. However, if you notice tooth aches, sensitivity to cold/hot foods, pain when chewing, or indents in your teeth, these could all be signs of a cavity. 

If you feel a filling fall out, immediately make an appointment with a local dentist. An emergency dentist can replace your filling. If you can’t see a dentist right away be very careful when chewing and when brushing your teeth. Avoid hard foods that could cause damage to your teeth. 

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"Two Rivers Family Dentistry has been providing dental care to my husband and I for over 25 years to include the many years with the prior owner to that excellent care continuing with the current ownership and staff. There was never a moment we considered leaving this practice. From the dentists to the support staff of amazing hygienists and assistants. And let’s not forget the quality customer service from the front office staff and management. It is always a welcoming place and they are doing an amazing job with the extra protocols in place to keep not only staff but their patients feeling secure and safe. Definitely recommend Two Rivers Family Dentistry!"
Michelle A.
"I've had two appointments at Two Rivers recently. One for my periodic cleaning and the second for a filling. What struck me about this office wasn't just that they took all the proper precautions amid COVID, but that this crew was plowing ahead treating their patents as safely and responsibly as possible without the slightest outward hint of fear or worry. Everyone from the front desk was working happily and efficiently to get me through my appointment on schedule. My Hygienist, Kim was simply amazing as were Dr. Fig and his assistant, Sarah. They were about patient care and making sure my dental needs were taken care of in the most professional way possible. I recommend Two Rivers to anyone needing dental care at any time, but especially during this public health crisis, we find ourselves in now."
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