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Same Day Dental Treatments in Southern Maine. 

Same Day Dental Emergency Care
in Lisbon Maine

If you or a loved one is experiencing a dental emergency do not hesitate to give our office a call at (207) 353-8676. A member of our team can help you get the dental services you need!

Get Same-Day Emergency Care

Two Rivers Family Dentistry provides same-day dental emergency solutions. We work with a network of dentists to help patients of all ages get the dental care they need. Whether someone has an issue with tooth damage, or an existing dental implement like a filling, bridge, or implant is suddenly loose or damaged, we can help. Our team provides same-day services including CEREC same-day dental crowns and can help replace crowns, fillings, and more. For more information please give us a call. 

How Do You Handle A Knocked Out Tooth?

Knocking out a tooth is a common sport’s injury. If a tooth is knocked out you should locate the tooth, rinse it off gently, and either try to hold the tooth in your mouth (if possible) either by holding it in the socket or against the cheek. If that is not possible place it in either a milk or saline solution. Do not keep the tooth submerged in water and do not handle to the tooth at the root (the section of the tooth that is normally under the gums).Bring the tooth with you to the emergency dentist as they may be able to re-implant it in some cases if the tooth is in good condition and the patient arrives within an hour of the injury.

If the injury that caused the tooth to get knocked out has life-threatening non-dental symptoms, (i.e. concussion symptoms) do not go to an emergency dentist. Instead, go to the Emergency Room.

What Should You Do If A Tooth Is Cracked, Chipped, or Broken?

If your tooth becomes chipped, cracked or breaks when eating a hard food, or because of an injury, make a dental appointment right away. We can help repair your teeth, in the meantime, rinse your mouth with warm water, use a clean cloth or gauze to stop bleeding, and use a cold compress or ice to reduce swelling. In some cases a chip or crack is completely cosmetic. Even so, you should see a dentist within a week. Even if the dental injury doesn’t seem like an emergency, pressure could cause the chip or crack to break. A quick rule with damaged teeth. If the dentin or tooth pulp is exposed, it is a dental emergency and needs to be handled that day. Even if the damage is only to the outermost layer of the tooth, you still should seek a dentist’s opinion to make sure the damage doesn’t present any risks. 

Common Issues With Dental Fillings & Root Canals

When a dental filling is initially installed it is placed right into the tooth and is perfectly fitted to the remainder of the tooth. However, new decay can eat away at the tooth surrounding the filling. This can lead to the filling getting loose or even falling out. In some cases, a liquid can get between the filling and the tooth, leading to what is called a leaky filling. If you experience a loose filling, leaky filling, or a filling that has completely fallen out, you need to see an emergency dentist for a filling replacement.

While root canals are generally safe and effective treatments they can fail. Failure usually happens because of a loose dental crown, tooth fracture, or new dental decay in the area. Common symptoms of a root canal failure including pain, swelling, or a discharge from the tooth or nearby gums. If you notice these symptoms, especially close to where you received a root canal in past, call a dentist. 

A root canal is done when dental decay and infection spread to the root of the tooth. Common symptoms of infection in the tooth root include dental pain, swelling, bleeding gums, or a swollen jaw. If you experience consistent pain in a localized area of your mouth, you should contact a dentist to take x-rays. 

What Are CEREC Same Day Dental Crowns?

Dental Crowns are commonly used for root canals, damage to teeth, cracked teeth, and as part of dental bridges. Traditionally, getting a dental crown requires two dental visits and a few weeks. This is because at your first appointment, measurements are taken, and then those measurements would be sent to a dental lab to construct the crown. The second appointment would only happen after the crown was made and sent to your dentist. Luckily, with Two Rivers Family Dentistry you don’t have to wait! We use CEREC dental crowns which are manufactured in office. We can take your measurements, make the crown, and place it all in a single day.

Is My Child's Toothache a Dental Emergency?

A toothache is a common sign of a dental issue. But it can be hard to tell if a toothache is a dental emergency, especially when you aren’t the one experiencing it. If your son or daughter has a toothache, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, emergency or not, you shouldn’t wait months to see a dentist. Any toothache is a good reason to make a dental appointment. The real question is whether they need to see a dentist today, or next week. Here are some things to consider.

  • Severity: If your child is feeling severe pain that is throbbing, they likely have a dental emergency and need to be seen right away.
  • Persistence: If the toothache keeps going away, but also coming back, that is also a sign there is an underlying issue like an infection. 
  • Other Symptoms: Pay attention to other symptoms. If your child is experiencing swelling, red/puffy gums, or difficulty chewing, these are all signs of an underlying issue.

If your child has a mild toothache, that seemingly goes away and isn’t accompanied by any other symptoms, we still recommend calling a local dentist and making an appointment in the next few days or so. A quick exam and an x-ray can help identify any potential causes of the toothache.

Schedule An Emergency Dental Appointment in Lisbon

If you or a family member is experiencing any type of dental emergency from toothaches to knocked out teeth, do not hesitate to contact our dental office. We would be happy to set up a dental appointment for you or your family member. We specialize in providing same-day treatments and work with patients of all ages. 

Dental Emergency Frequently Asked Questions:

A dental emergency is any issue that requires immediate help from a dentist. The most common dental emergencies are damage to teeth including chipped teeth, broken teeth, and knocked out teeth. But any type of dental pain or injury that makes it hard to chew & eat is also a dental emergency. You should not wait to see a dentist if you are experiencing persistent dental pain.

One question many people have is whether they should call 911 or an emergency dentist. The main distinction is whether or not the injury is life-threatening. Injuries like a broken jaw, cuts inside / around the mouth, and severe trauma are reasons to call 911 and go to the emergency room.

If an adult tooth gets knocked out you need to call a dentist immediately. In some cases it is possible to re-implant the tooth if you get to a dentist quickly. You should pick up the tooth (by the crown not the root). Next you need to rinse of the tooth gently to remove any dirt. If possible you can place the tooth back in your mouth on the way to the dentist, otherwise use saline solution or milk.

If you are experiencing dental pain there are a few steps you should take. First you should rinse your mouth out with water to clear debris from inside your mouth. After that, an ice pack or a cold compress can be used to decrease oral swelling and pain. Pain medications like Ibuprofen can be taken as well to help decrease pain prior to seeing an emergency dentist.

Dental cement is often recommended to patients who lose a filling or chip/crack/break a tooth. In the event that you can not see a dentist right away you may need to use dental cement to cover the affect tooth. Dental cement can be found at most pharmacies and provides a temporary cover over the affected tooth. This can prevent debris from getting inside the cavity left behind when a filling falls out.