What Should You Do If You Break A Tooth?

A break in a tooth can be a serious issue. In many cases, cracks, chips, and breaks in a tooth are all reasons to immediately call an emergency dentist and make a quick dental appointment. However, there are some instances where a broken tooth is simply cosmetic in nature. Even so, you shouldn’t wait to see a dentist. If a broken tooth isn’t an emergency, you should still try to see a dentist later that week at the latest. A broken tooth can be dangerous because additional pressure could lead to a worse break, or the break in the tooth could hurt your tongue. Keep reading to learn more about emergency dental situations. And if you live in the Lisbon Maine area and need an emergency dentist, please do not hesitate to call us at 207 353 8676. 

When Is A Broken Tooth A Dental Emergency

A broken tooth can often lead to severe problems for your oral health. If any of the following is true after a tooth breaks, you need to see an emergency dentist. 

  • Exposed Pulp/Dentin: If you can see the dentin of your tooth (a yellowish material underneath the outer white section of your tooth) or you can see the tooth pulp (a pinkish material deeper in your tooth) you need to see an emergency dentist. When your dentin or tooth pulp is exposed you are at a great risk for infection that could lead to tooth loss. 
  • Pain/Swelling/Bleeding: If your dental break is accompanied by bleeding, severe pain, or swelling, you should see a dentist right away. If there are other symptoms outside of the mouth, including concussion symptoms, you should go to the ER. If an injury is life-threatening or is affecting other areas of the head, you want to see a doctor who can treat the other injuries. 
  • Sharp Surface: If the remaining tooth is sharp and causing pain to your tongue, cheeks, or gums, you should see a dentist right away.

What If A Cracked/Chipped Tooth Is Just Cosmetic?

If damage to a tooth is severe you should see a dentist within a day of the injury if possible. If the damage to a tooth is is not severe and it is a simple crack or chip, you should still call a dentist and try and see them soon. A quick dental visit can assure you that there are no other issues, and your dentist can provide either restorative or cosmetic suggestions to help repair the damage to the tooth. 

Is There Anyway to Heal A Cracked Tooth Naturally At Home?

Unfortunately cracked teeth are very different from bones. While bones have the type of tissue and blood vessels that allow them to heal and regrow after they are damaged, a crack in a tooth isn’t the same. Our teeth are developed once, and from there any damage to them is pretty permanent without the help of a restorative or cosmetic dentist. 

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