Why Does My Child Have Two Rows Of Teeth?

As our children age they will go through have two sets of teeth. Their primary teeth (baby teeth) will begin erupting before their first birthday, and over the years these teeth will become loose and fall out only to be replaced by their secondary set of teeth (their adult teeth). However, this process has kids and parents asking a variety of questions, like when they will happen, and what to do when various problems happen. One common problem is adult teeth coming in behind the baby teeth before the baby teeth come out. In this article, we will discuss why this happens and what you should do. 

Should I Be Worried That My Child Has Two Rows Of Teeth?

It is easy to get worried when you think something might be wrong with your child’s oral health. Many parents get concerned when teeth don’t come-in on an expected schedule or when teeth fall out early and the adult teeth take a while to erupt. The first and most important thing to understand is that these problems are common. Many children experience teeth coming in early or late or crooked. Pediatric and family dentists have been helping kids with these dental issues for decades. If you are concerned about your child’s dental health for any reason, you should simply set up a dental appointment at a local dentist in your area. 

What Causes "Shark Teeth" For Kids?

Having two rows of teeth, sometimes called “shark teeth” happens when there is an issue with a baby tooth falling out. Normally when it is time for an adult tooth to come in that tooth pushes on the roots of the baby tooth causing that tooth to loose its foundation and fall out. But in some cases if the adult tooth cannot effectively push out the baby tooth it will grow in behind the baby tooth. This often happens with the front incisors. 

What Should I Do If My Child Has Two Rows Of Teeth?

There are a few options for what to do if your child has two rows of teeth. First, ask your child if the front tooth (the baby tooth) is wiggly. If that tooth is already loose you should encourage your child to try and wiggle it often to continue to weaken the roots of the tooth. However, do not encourage or try to help a child pull out a tooth. One common mistake made by parents is trying to force a tooth to fall out because it is taking too long. You should never do this as it can be very painful and can damage your child’s mouth. Instead you should encourage your child to gently wiggle the tooth back forth with their tongue or fingers. 

If your child’s teeth are not even remotely loose or wiggling you should consider making a dental appointment with the family dentist. The dentist will recommend either waiting for the tooth to come out naturally, or might suggest a tooth extraction. Unlike at home, a dental extraction from a dentist is much safer. Your child can have the area of their mouth numbed before the tooth is removed preventing any unneeded pain. That being said, most dentists will recommend letting teeth fall out naturally when possible, tooth extraction is really only recommended when it is clear that the tooth is not going to come out on its own. 

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